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The St. Francis Xavier’s College Alumni Association Limited (SFXCAA) aims to foster and promote fraternity and good fellowship amongst Xaverians of different generations.


We have been organising various activities across the years. For example, the Konrad Cup (football match), BBQ gatherings, hiking trips, career talks and eSports competitions have been connecting many of us. 

Our Ex-co

The executive committee members are elected every two years during the Annual General Meeting. The team consists of devoted souls of different generations with a diversity of talents and skills. We all share one thing in common: the love towards our Alma Mater.


CY Kwong (2010)

Vice President (External)

David Man (2017)

1st Vice President (Internal)

Jacky Hui (2010)

2nd Vice President (Internal)

Bryan Wong (2016)


Wayne Mok (2016)

Vice Treasurer

Raymond Law (1990)

Event Director

Steven Pun (2003)


Ng Ka Lok (2002)

Communications Officer

Vincent Yung (2015)

Communications Officer

Perry Chan (2019)

Immediate Past President

Kenneth Mok (1982)

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